Your Baby Should Be A Gerber Baby

EVERY child, indiscriminately, should have a Gerber Grow-Up life insurance plan. I know what you’re your thinking; I’m just saying this because I am an insurance agent selling Gerber life insurance products. Well, that is true. However vegetable farmers believe everyone should eat vegetables. And, I’m sure you would agree, everyone should. Well at least if you are concerned with living healthy that is. Hopefully by now you’re asking, “why should EVERY child have a Gerber Grow-Up life insurance plan?” Or, why does this guy think that MY child needs a Gerber Life insurance policy? The answer is, there are several reasons.

It’s inexpensive. Parents can purchase as little as $5,000 or up to $50,000 in coverage. For example, it would cost only $5.83 per month for $10,000 worth of Whole Life Insurance. (A traditional whole life policy never runs out. Whole life insurance accumulate cash value which the policyholder can borrow, or surrender his or her policy in exchange for.) Did I mention that the benefit amount, in this case $10,000, doubles at age 18 without any increase in monthly premium payments? In essence, as an adult your child would have $20,000 of whole life insurance for only $5.83. You can’t beat that anywhere.

Gerber Grow-Up plans ensure Insurability. This simply means that you have the ability to purchase life insurance. This is something most people take for granted, until they are diagnosed with a disease or experience an illness such as kidney failure. I’ve had clients denied for insurance because of diabetes seizures, mental illnesses, obesity and a variety of other reasons. With a Gerber Grow-Up plan, once your child is accepted, your child will have the ability to purchase additional insurance regardless of health or mental issues. As an adult policy owner, your child will have up to four opportunities to buy additional insurance at ages 21, 25, 30, 35, 40, when he or she gets married or has a child. By exercising the guaranteed options, your child may be able to purchase up to $400,000 of additional coverage as an adult. Again, regardless of any unforeseen physiological or psychological issues which may develop during adolescence. This reason, above all, is exactly why every child should have a Gerber Grow-Up life insurance plan.

Hopefully by now, you can see the value this plan offers. Additionally Gerber Grow-up plans prevent parents from making a major mistake. Adding their child or children to their own life insurance with a child term rider. Although insurance companies must allow you to convert that rider into a permanent policy regardless of health when your child reaches of age, your child may not be rated as a standard adult. Gerber’s standard class rates are guaranteed to your child, every time they exercise their privilege of increasing their policy.

In closing, EVERY child, indiscriminately, should have a Gerber Grow-Up life insurance plan. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to answer them.

Steve Isidor
Personal Insurance Advisor
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